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From concept to completion, we can bring your dream home to life. When choosing your custom home builder, go with your gut. When your contractor is up front and honest, you can expect the best outcome.

Choosing the right team to build your custom home

Building a custom home is while both exciting and complex is also deeply personal. You don’t just want to hire a construction company; you want to hire a team you can trust, with a knowledgeable builder that you can be honest with and that will give you an honest answer while ensuring that you have the best people working for you and your family.

Koru’s attentive management, in-house highly skilled carpentry team and handpicked sub-contractors are experts in building code, building practices and process. Collectively we pursue to build the highest standard of home for you. Your needs will be reflected in everything from the design to the way we handle logistics.

Koru Construction takes no shortcuts and ensures every home is built to enjoy for generations.

The Koru Approach To Custom Homes

As the world evolves and becomes increasingly busy and complex, we wish to take the complexity out of the custom home build process for you by providing a full construction service for our clients.

You can rest assured that Koru Construction’s approach to design, engineering, permitting and construction processes will ensure a smooth project and which is fine tuned to suit your individual needs.

Our custom home build process is designed so that you, our client, understand every step as we undertake them, and feel confident that you can trust Koru to bring your dream to life without worry. This allows you to spend more time focussing on the outcome and not the process, resulting in an efficient and exciting project for all involved.

Every custom home is different and will present a unique set of challenges and obstacles. We thrive on challenges and are master construction problem solvers and logistics super heroes. If you are considering a custom home build please contact us and we will gladly meet you to answer all your questions, reassure your apprehensions and show you why Koru Construction is the home builder for you.

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